Doctor / Nurse Uniforms size

1.Men's doctor robe size (short sleeve)

2.Men's doctor robe size (long sleeve)  

Size specification should have certain tolerance depends on different garment styles, fabric applications and hand-made nature of textile products. Pls. contact iGift Uniform for more details . 
 iGift Uniform provides a wide range of size selections for its available garment styles, we have sizes range from children to Adults, from male to female. This would provide customers a greater flexibility in size choices. 
Size Specification & Selection All dimension listed below are in "inch": 

Ordering Qty (pcs)

<20 (pcs)

20 – 29 (pcs)

30 - 199 (pcs)

>=200 (pcs)

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Men's doctor robe size (short sleeve)

Men's doctor robe size (long sleeve)