Twill Pants / Casual Pants

  1. 1.Option of Jeans-Front Pockets
  2. 2.Front pockets(Trousers)1/2
  3. 3.Pants pockets (Trousers)2/2
  4. 4.Hip Pocket Design Selection
  5. 5.Men Twill Pants Styles
  6. 6.Pants1/2
  7. 7.Pants2/2
  8. 8.Waistbands1/2
  9. 9.Waistbands2/2
  10. 10.Loose plents for pants
  11. 11.Women's pants types and styles(till fabric)
  12. 12.Bottom Styles of jeans

Option of Jeans-Front Pockets:
Option of Jeans-Front Pockets

 Front pockets(Trousers):

P3Front pocket(trousers)219 (复制)_igift

Hip Pocket Design Selection:
Hip pocket design selection-20121114

Men Twill Pants Styles:

cargo pants style selection-20121124



Pants2 (复制)




waisbands2 (复制)

Loose plents for pants:


 loose pleats OF pants

Women's pants types and styles(till fabric):

Women's pants types and styles(till fabric)

Bottom Styles of jeans:

bottom style of jeans